For some time the nearest dental three-dimensional imaging facility was in the Woodlands. Now Dr. Gregory is proud to offer a state-of-art, ultra-low-dose radiation, digital cone beam CT machine in the comfort of her own office.


machineThis sophisticated machine renders high resolution, beautiful images of facial structures with patients seated in an open-air chair (no claustrophobic-prone tubes that the body or head has to enter for imaging).This cutting-edge technology allows Dr. Gregory to discuss your particular diagnosis and treatment options with you as both you and she review the 3-D scan of your own face and jaws.
As a service to our patients and to our team of elite referring dentists and specialists, these scans are performed at a very low cost.
We look forward to meeting you and reviewing your 3-D image in our consultation suite.

Dr. Gregory explains how 3D imaging greatly helps in placing dental implants.

Low Radiation Three Dimensional Imaging – Cutting edge technology that helps make your dental planning much more accurate.
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