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Most Oral Surgery Is Done “In Office” But Some Procedures Are Done In an Operating Room

At our office in Humble TX, oral surgery is done by an oral surgeon to serve patients in Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, Porter, New Caney TX and surrounding communities. An oral surgeon performs oral surgery procedures to help patients overcome many kinds of tooth and facial problems. These oral surgery procedures are done to save teeth, replace missing teeth, repair damage caused by trauma, and control oral diseases. Below are some of the most common conditions that require oral surgery by a competent dentist trained in oral surgery procedures such as Dr. Gregory.

An Oral Surgeon Repairs Dental Implants

Problems with dental implants is something you really hope does not happen, but we see it far too often. In most of these cases the dental implants were installed by a general dentist which did not have specific and intense training for installing dental implants.

Usually when addressing this problem, oral surgeons work together with restorative and cosmetic dentists. The surgery may be performed to reconstruct a bone after an accident or facial damage to change the structure of the tissue so implants can be placed properly or to save teeth.  Some oral surgeons like Dr. Gregory can perform all aspects of your dental problem and can complete your entire treatment themselves.

An Oral Surgeon Removes Diseased Teeth

Some teeth that get infected or damaged need to be surgically removed to prevent further damage to surrounding tissue. Sometimes a tooth can be impacted or broken in such a way that removing the tooth requires a surgical procedure to remove. Wisdom teeth removal often falls into this category, requiring an oral surgeon to remove instead of a general dentist.

An Oral Surgeon Performs Certain Cosmetic Dental Procedures

This is done on the skin, jaw, nerves, and other areas of the face. Aside from being done for aesthetic purposes, this type of surgery can also be used to remove cysts and tumors.  Cosmetic oral surgery is also done to correct certain aspects of a patient’s face better function or to change a person’s physical appearance in the case of missing bone.

An Oral Surgeon Performs Jaw Surgery

Any deformities or irregularities in the jaw can cause an array of problems for a person such as difficulty in speaking, breathing, chewing or constant chronic pain. This type of surgery is often done with the help of an orthodontist so as to realign the jaw so that both the upper and lower jaw can effectively function together. By doing this, jaw function is improved while improving the patient’s physical appearance at the same time.

An Oral Surgeon Can Address Pain And Trauma Issues

Patients suffering from facial pain or trauma can be surgically treated. A variety of procedures ranging from skin lacerations to surgeries that involve reconnecting nerves and treating both tissue and bone on the face. Doing these can prevent the patient from suffering from physical and emotional difficulties.

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