Laser Snoring Reduction

Looking to Sleep Sounder or Reduce Snoring?

Our NightLase therapy is a procedure that uses a laser light to tone the collagen in the roof of the mouth in order to reduce or stop that tissue from making noise during day or night breathing, i.e. snoring.  Snoring and noisy daytime breathing can take a toll on patients and their partners.


  • Is a painless treatment alternative to more radical techniques such as surgery to remove part of the roof of the mouth.
  • Does not remove any tissue.
  • Tones the existing tissue by making collagen fibers more elastic and less noisy when patients breathe when awake and asleep.
  • Does not require shots to numb the mouth.
  • Does not typically cause any peeling of treated tissue.
  • Does not require any downtime following the procedure (patients can return to normal activities immediately afterwards).
  • Involves three sessions, each session lasting 30 minutes, and each session about two weeks apart.
Dr. Gregory does not diagnose or treatment sleep disorders. Patients who suspect they have disordered sleeping should seek the care of a physician. Nightlase is not intended to treat sleep disorders and should never be considered an alternative to treatments recommended by physicians. In some cases, snoring can be indication of disordered sleep and should be evaluated by a sleep doctor to rule potential co-morbid conditions that could be life-threatening.

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