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Dentures are false teeth made from ceramics, metal, nylon, or acrylic. The most common dentures, and the ones we do here are ceramic. Metal dentures are usually seen in Hollywood movies, usually by villains or rap stars and have a following all their own! Dentures made of nylon or acrylic are more commonly used for temporary dentures or those on a limited budget as their one time cost is less than ceramic, but they do wear at a much faster rate. This fact actually can make them more costly, but the initial expense is lower.

Dentures are removable unless they are made to be attached to dental implants (see: Implant Bridge, Teeth In Just One Day). Dentures, which many call “False Teeth,” are form fitted for your gums to replace all or most of the missing teeth on a jaw (upper or lower).  The main reasons for getting dentures is preserve your normal speech, restore your smile and allow you to chew your food in a normal and natural way. Dentures also prevent any potential problems that may arise from the absence of “opposing” teeth on the opposite jaw and preserves the natural look of your face.

Implant Stabilized Removable Dentures

There are two main types of dentures namely complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures or a full set of dentures are used when all the upper and lower teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures on the other hand are used when only one or a few missing teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures are actually more commonly referred to as dental bridges. (See: Dental Bridge)

Types Of Full Dentures

  1. Conventional Full Dentures – A conventional full denture is placed inside the patient’s mouth after the remaining natural teeth are removed and the tissues have completely healed. Tissue healing can take several months and during that time you will have a temporary set of dentures.
  2. Immediate Full Dentures – These dentures are inserted right after the remaining natural teeth are taken out. Your dentist is going to take the measurements and make the models of your jaw during a prior visit. Even though they provide the main advantage of being able to be put in place immediately so you won’t have to be without teeth, they need to be realigned a few months after being placed.

Many times people will put up with painful or nearly impossible chewing situations because of a “resistance” or “reservation” about getting dentures. We have all heard “cute” stories and funny jokes about false teeth. The fact of the matter is that a good fitting set of dentures will serve you much better than limping along with gaps or pain. Not to mention the potential damage that having large toothless gaps in your jaw line can cause to your health and your appearance.

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