Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction for Houston Area Residents

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Tooth Extraction

During your consultation, you and Dr. Gregory may determine that you need to have a tooth extracted. Teeth may need to be extracted due to tooth decay, infection of the gum tissue (periodontal infection), fracture or breakage of the tooth, poor tooth positioning, or prior to orthodontic care. While tooth loss is never ideal, in many cases retaining a tooth that is harboring infection is not only dangerous to the health of surrounding teeth but is also dangerous to your health and can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and birth complications.

How It Works

Dr. Gregory and her gentle team make tooth extraction easy on you. Patients arrive the day of their treatment and are sedated or put to sleep. The area is anesthetized, or numbed, once the patient is sedated. The tooth is removed and frequently a small bone graft is placed to hold the tissue in place during healing. This grafting procedure is recommended to make various tooth-replacement procedures including dental implants easier and to make the final result appear natural and beautiful.

Tooth Extraction

Dr. Gregory is excited to see you and discuss replacement of unhealthy or unsightly teeth with a healthier, more beautiful solution. Tooth loss is nothing to fear in Dr. Gregory’s care.

Tooth Extraction – Removal of a tooth that is beyond repair or for space needed for other cosmetic dental work.

"How do you describe something that is so superior to anyone else that you have ever experienced. There are no words to describe the skill of Dr. Bollman. She is the best!! I will leave it at that"


New Family Dentistry Patient

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Gregory for the past 6 months and it has been a very pleasant experience. She and her staff are wonderful and have made me feel very comfortable. They are always very upbeat! Dr. Gregory did an excellent job of explaining the procedure that would be performed and it went very well – almost pain-free! I highly recommend her."

From a Patient Who Had Laser Gum Treatment

"I was happy to find Dr. Gregory after a previous bad experience. I was very nervous and she put me at ease about the procedure and made a follow-up call that evening to be sure all was well. I will feel very comfortable recommending her to all my friends."

From a Patient Who Had Gummy Smile Reduction

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