I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Gregory and her staff.  My experiences when visiting her office have been so positive and I feel so encouraged.  Normally one feels fear, especially when diagnosed with a gum disease etc., but from the beginning everything was handled with such professionalism and care that I can only marvel at the experience.

I had lasik (laser) surgery performed on my gums, and it was a fast, almost pain free procedure.  Dr. Gregory was incredible.  g kriegShe is gentle, understanding, competent, and it is a pleasure to visit her.  I feel so lucky that she was referred to me to carry out this work.  I would never have guessed that I would have had this procedure and felt such positive results from it.  It was pretty much pain free, with no after effects.  All my doubts and fears have now gone knowing that such surgery exists and that there is such a professional, gentle, compassionate and learned Doctor in Doctor Gregory.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gregory to anyone that needs dental care.  We are extremely lucky to have Doctor and her kind staff in the Humble area.  Doctor Gregory has embraced the advances in the dental industry, that the pain and fear associated with gum disease have been totally turned around. Doctor Gregory is the very best and I would encourage anyone to give her a visit.  She is the most learned and professional Dentist that I know.  Dr. Gregory and her staff are a great team, and most considerate and helpful.

From a patient who had laser periodontal treatment (LANAP):