How Laser (LANAP) Treatment Works

Have you been told or do you suspect that you have gum disease but are fearful of treatment? Perhaps you have heard stories of how difficult surgical therapy for gum disease has been for a friend or family member. Perhaps you have experienced conventional periodontal surgery yourself in the past. Dr. Gregory is proud to be one of the few surgeons offering laser periodontal treatment or LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). She is currently in preparation to become one of the elite few instructors in the nation for this technique.

Laser periodontal treatment or LANAP is a way to treat infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth without the need for incisions, bone grafting, or stitches. Dr. Gregory utilizes the PerioLase, a sophisticated tool designed to treat infection with a minimally invasive technique. The patient can choose to be sedated, or put to sleep, in the comfort of Dr. Gregory’s office. The gum tissue is anesthetized and the laser light is used to target the pigment (color) in the bacteria that is not found in human cells.

Dr. Gregory explains why she likes laser treatment over using “the knife.”

These bacteria are obliterated with little damage to the surrounding healthy human tissue. There is no need for any incisions, or cuts, to be made in the tissue. The procedure encourages regeneration of lost bone, tooth, and gum structure and results in a healthier smile. Because the procedure is not invasive, the discomfort following treatment is typically minimal and patients are able to return to normal activities.

Periodontal (gum) infection is dangerous for your health and has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and birth complications. We look forward to meeting you and discussing this “no fear” technique to improve your health and get you smiling again!

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