There are no words to describe the amount of pain I was in when I came to your office.  A trip to my regular dentist revealed a cracked tooth and she referred me to you.  I believe this to be a God thing because he could not have sent me to a more caring and compassionate office.  Your willingness to disrupt your already busy schedule to do emergency surgery told me I had definitely come to the right place. Upon filling out my medical history sheet we discovered that the blood thinners I was on had the potential of creating a problem.  Gum SurgeryThe girls on your staff were just really awesome.  Pam made what could have been a very overwhelming experience, relaxed and a whole lot smoother.  Upon finding out my PT levels were way too high for surgery, you worked closely with my doctor to get my levels under control.  On a more personal note – I was very surprised to get a call the next morning to see how I was feeling. 

Not only did you stay late to fit my surgery in, you gave up rodeo tickets to an awesome performer. The relief you gave me was immediate and for the first time in three weeks I was completely pain free.

So looking back….had I not allowed my fear of dentist to control my life, if I had known the personal touch you gave each and every patient, I would have come to you sooner and you may have even been able to save the tooth instead of pulling it.  Again I praise God for putting you in my life and next time I won’t wait to take care of my problems.

From a patient with medical challenges who needed emergency surgery: