New Teeth In One Day Special Price for Houston TxAre you having difficulty keeping your dentures or partial dentures in place? Does your food taste differently now that you have a set of dentures or partial dentures that covers the roof of your mouth? Perhaps you struggle with a lack of self-confidence, fearful that people will know you have dentures in public.


Is it a struggle to chew healthy foods that you used to enjoy? Perhaps you are facing losing your teeth and you do not want to experience conventional dentures. Do you have a partial denture with unsightly metal clasps that show in your smile and speech? Dental implants have changed these experiences for many patients and have improved the quality of their health, social life, and self-confidence tremendously.


Dr. Gregory explains how getting a single dental implant doesn’t have to take months like it used to do… At her office, it’s a one day process!

Dental implants can be placed in areas where you are missing teeth. A variety of snaps and clips are then affixed to the implants. A set of teeth is fabricated to snap firmly onto the implants. They are easily cleaned in the evenings because they are still removable. These teeth look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Dental implants can allow Dr. Gregory to remove the plastic portion from the roof of the mouth, frequently improving the taste of food and improving the quality of your speech. Dr. Gregory is proud to offer this sophisticated care to her patients.


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