Want to Learn About Teeth Whitening Options in Kingwood TX?

Are you interested in learning more about teeth whitening in Kingwood TX?
Fashion changes every season. You can fill your closet with the latest boots, tops, and the most stylish jeans. But, there’s one accessory that never will never out of style—a bright and white smile!

Our smiles allow us to connect with other people. Without saying a word, you can convey delight in seeing an old friend, welcome a visitor to your home, or express your joy at a surprise.

However, when you’re in need of teeth whitening, you may start to feel self-conscious when you flash that smile. That awkward feeling leads to fewer great big smiles. Some people even feel downright embarrassed by their yellowed, faded smiles.
Fortunately, you have a fantastic option for teeth whitening for Kingwood TX residents. Our clinic specializes in whitening teeth using custom-fit trays under the guidance of our dentist for better results than you might think.
Read on to learn more about whiter teeth.

How to Avoid Dull or Yellowed Teeth

Before we talk about our whitening process, it’s important that you understand what lifestyle factors caused your teeth to turn yellow in the first place.

Yellow teeth come from a lifetime of heavy use! It’s a natural occurrence, but some things speed the process along or intensify the dulling effect. Here are the most common reasons that teeth yellow over time—and a few hints to help you slow that process.

Nicotine staining

Whether you use smokeless tobacco or smoke cigarettes, the combination of tar and nicotine causes your teeth to pick up a yellow cast.

Nicotine alone is colorless; however, when it is introduced to the air, it oxidizes and casts a yellow hue becomes very noticeable.

Smokeless tobacco creates even heavier stains. The tobacco user holds the tobacco inside their lip and mixes with liquid in the form of saliva to literally create a solution that’s similar to a stain. I

In fact, it’s been documented that the pioneers who settled here in East Texas sometimes mixed a tobacco stain to use to preserve their wood floors. That’s a very similar process to that which occurs inside the lip of a tobacco user.

  • The doctor’s advice: Consider quitting. Join a support group, get nicotine patches, or ask for a prescription to help with tobacco cessation. Not only will this help preserve your teeth, but you will also become more fit all the way around!

Cola stains

There’s nothing better on a hot afternoon that an icy swig of your favorite cola, is there? While it may be a satisfying way to quench your thirst, it is one of those tooth-staining culprits.

Cola (and other darkly-tinted sodas) take their color from an artificial dye. To worsen matters, they are high in sugars that can weaken and thin your tooth enamel, making the gray dentin inside your tooth somewhat visible through the enamel.

The doctor’s advice: Make water your primary go-to on a hot day. It’s one of the smartest ways to avoid yellow teeth and will increase your body’s hydration.

Coffee and tea staining

Both coffee and tea contain tannins. What are tannins? They are naturally-occurring plant substances. The more coffee and tea you consume, the more likely you are to need to require professional teeth whitening.

A lesser known fact is that grapes also contain tannin, so let’s throw wine into this category, also!

  • The doctor’s advice: Limit your consumption of coffee and tea. Yes, it’s a great way to perk up in the morning but remember that moderation is key.

Please note that these are only the three most prevalent triggers that yellow your teeth. Factor in other things like fruit juices, medications, or even some vegetables. The smartest thing you can do to offset these factors is to brush and floss your teeth diligently, two to three times per day.

Ready for Teeth Whitening Kingwood TX?

Now that you know a few of the main factors that yellow your teeth, I’d like to share with you a solution.

If you’ve tried in-home whitening strips or toothpastes that make big claims but instead just caused your teeth to feel sensitive, all is not lost. We are here to help you.

Here at Houston Dental Implants, we can fit you for custom-molded trays that are made in a lab specifically for your mouth.

We consider these custom mouth trays critical to our success, as the very customized fit ensures that the tooth bleach doesn’t come in contact with any sensitive tissue inside your mouth. Our professional-quality bleach stays on the teeth, where it belongs, and dramatically whitens your teeth under the doctor’s supervision.

Let us help you reclaim the smile that your friends have been missing.  Contact Houston Dental Implants for tooth whitening in Kingwood TX!

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