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How do you describe something that is so superior to anyone else that you have ever experienced.

There are no words to describe the skill of Dr. Bollman. She is the best!! I will leave it at that.

Billy - New Family Dentistry Patient

All on 4 dental implant dentures

From the time I walked in, I noticed a huge difference in the way I was treated here. Dr Gregory and her staff took the time to fully explain my entire procedure and covered all the options available to me. Every pro, every con was explained in detail allowing me to make an informed and intelligent decision about my options.

I’m somewhat of a “baby” when it comes to pain or the “possibility” of it, so I opted for sedation during my procedure. Knowing that I was going to be asleep during the whole process made the “anticipation factor” in the days leading up to my appointment much more bearable. One of the most impressive things was that the day AFTER I got my new teeth, Dr. Gregory called me to check up on me. NOT her staff… but Dr. Gregory herself!  That says alot!

TM – Humble Tx

New Teeth In Just One Day

Laser Gum TreatmentI’ve been a patient of Dr. Gregory for the past 6 months and it has been a very pleasant experience. She and her staff are wonderful and have made me feel very comfortable. They are always very upbeat! Dr. Gregory did an excellent job of explaining the procedure that would be performed and it went very well – almost pain-free! I highly recommend her.

From a Patient Who Had Laser Gum Treatment

I was happy to find Dr. Gregory after a previous bad experience. I was very nervous and she put me at ease about the procedure and made a follow-up call that evening to be sure all was well. I will feel very comfortableGummy Smile Surgery recommending her to all my friends.

From a Patient Who Had Gummy Smile Reduction

During the past several years I have had several lengthy procedures (with other doctors) and what seemed like a scary endeavor turned out to be so much better than anticipated (with Dr. Gregory). My overall experiences have been positive and I have felt that I was considered gum graftingtop priority during my recovery. And I will not hesitate to continue to improve my oral health with the help of their ever positive and competent staff. It continues to be a pleasure to have service with a smile! Many, many thanks!!

From a patient who had gingival (gum) grafting to cover exposed roots:

I am a dental implant patient. I went through the procedure with great education on the process. I was leery at first. My fixed bridge of 25+ years broke and the recommendation was to receive implants instead of a bridge, which they did not have 25 years ago.  Dr. Gregory informed me of the process and expectations. I had received flap surgery with bone grafts due Bridge supported by dental implantsto periodontal disease earlier (by another doctor).  My goal is to keep my teeth. I started the process with some extractions and healing. I completed with two new implants. They look and feel great. I have really healthy gums. I am so glad that I finished the process. I believe these teeth will last me 58 more years.

From a patient who had dental implants placed to replace a tooth-supported bridge:

When Dr. Summers retired and Dr. Gregory took over the practice I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Well that was for naught. Dr. Gregory has a quality that excites admiration. Within minutes she showed that she has a very caring attitude and that she is concerned about you and your health. She is efficient and precise in her work and advises you in every aspect of any procedure. If there is something you don’t comprehend she will take the time to elaborate – All On 4 Dental Implantsshe wants you to understand whatever work you may need to have completed and what alternatives may be available to you. If you do have any major work completed she takes it a step further- she follows up with a phone call to you to see how you are doing, if you need anything and if you have any questions. How many do that!!!!

It doesn’t stop there. Your wait is never long and her staff is one that goes above and beyond. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for you. Your well being and comfort is their number one priority. They have you feeling like part of a family in no time.

Thanks to Dr. Gregory I now have a smile that makes me want to smile.

From a patient who had an All-on-4 implant bridge procedure to replace all lower teeth instead of conventional denture fabrication:

There are no words to describe the amount of pain I was in when I came to your office.  A trip to my regular dentist revealed a cracked tooth and she referred me to you.  I believe this to be a God thing because he could not have sent me to a more caring and compassionate office.  Your willingness to disrupt your already busy schedule to do emergency surgery told me I had definitely come to the right place. Upon filling out my medical history sheet we discovered that the blood thinners I was on had the potential of creating a problem.  Gum SurgeryThe girls on your staff were just really awesome.  Pam made what could have been a very overwhelming experience, relaxed and a whole lot smoother.  Upon finding out my PT levels were way too high for surgery, you worked closely with my doctor to get my levels under control.  On a more personal note – I was very surprised to get a call the next morning to see how I was feeling. 

Not only did you stay late to fit my surgery in, you gave up rodeo tickets to an awesome performer. The relief you gave me was immediate and for the first time in three weeks I was completely pain free.

So looking back….had I not allowed my fear of dentist to control my life, if I had known the personal touch you gave each and every patient, I would have come to you sooner and you may have even been able to save the tooth instead of pulling it.  Again I praise God for putting you in my life and next time I won’t wait to take care of my problems.

From a patient with medical challenges who needed emergency surgery:

Gum Grafting SurgeryMy experience with Dr. Gregory and her office and staff have been nothing but wonderful.  Everyone is thoughtful, caring and professional.  Dr. Gregory takes the time to discuss what she feels needs to be done, the procedure and what to expect afterwards.  I had surgery twice and she personally called to check on me on both occasions.  The work I had done was of the highest caliber and I am very pleased.  Office personnel reviewed insurance coverage with me before surgery, so there were no big surprises later.  Any time I need to get in with a concern, they always make sure I am taken care of.  I have nothing to say but good things about my experience there…and everyone involved; in fact, they treat you like family!

From a patient who had gingival (gum) grafts performed to cover exposed roots:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Gregory and her staff.  My experiences when visiting her office have been so positive and I feel so encouraged.  Normally one feels fear, especially when diagnosed with a gum disease etc., but from the beginning everything was handled with such professionalism and care that I can only marvel at the experience.

I had lasik (laser) surgery performed on my gums, and it was a fast, almost pain free procedure.  Dr. Gregory was incredible.  g kriegShe is gentle, understanding, competent, and it is a pleasure to visit her.  I feel so lucky that she was referred to me to carry out this work.  I would never have guessed that I would have had this procedure and felt such positive results from it.  It was pretty much pain free, with no after effects.  All my doubts and fears have now gone knowing that such surgery exists and that there is such a professional, gentle, compassionate and learned Doctor in Doctor Gregory.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gregory to anyone that needs dental care.  We are extremely lucky to have Doctor and her kind staff in the Humble area.  Doctor Gregory has embraced the advances in the dental industry, that the pain and fear associated with gum disease have been totally turned around. Doctor Gregory is the very best and I would encourage anyone to give her a visit.  She is the most learned and professional Dentist that I know.  Dr. Gregory and her staff are a great team, and most considerate and helpful.

From a patient who had laser periodontal treatment (LANAP):