LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Offered by Periodontist in Kingwood TX

Tooth loss and gum abscesses are two complications you may experience if your gums suffer inflammation. Bacteria related to plaque buildup trigger those two conditions. Fortunately, LANAP laser gum surgery is now offered by your periodontist in Kingwood, TX.

Although conventional surgery option still exists, most patients are now turning to the less invasive, LANAP protocol, for periodontitis treatment. This preference for newer technology stems from its effectiveness and efficiency.

The LANAP procedure takes a maximum of two hours. Moreover, it doesn’t involve the use of incisions or sutures. It is, therefore, friendlier when it comes to creating that perfect smile.

The surgical procedure comes with several benefits, including:

Advantages of LANAP over traditional gum surgery

  • The treatment method helps speed up the recovery process, with most patients requiring only 24 hours or less to recover. This surgery is unlike conventional treatment, which can take two to six weeks.
  • Takes lesser time compared to traditional gum surgery. Most of the LANAP procedures take a maximum of two hours for each visit you make to the periodontitis. After this, you’ll have to make a few return trips (usually for six months) for follow-up care.
  • Helps conserve and regrow bones and tissues destroyed by the gum disease. This is contrary to the traditional surgeries, which could cause gum recession.
  • Less painful and provides quick relief from gum inflammation and infection.
  • The treatment is less invasive, so you’ll have minimal bleeding and swelling.

What to expect with LANAP surgery

Before we move to the actual process, it’s worth mentioning that LANAP is safe for patients who are unable to undergo oral surgery. It’s also an awesome option for those with dental phobias since it doesn’t involve any cutting or sutures.

The treatment process

A complete LANAP laser gum surgery usually requires two, 2-hour visits as the procedure may sometimes involve splinting of the loose teeth.

Splinting is commonly done in phases—one side of the mouth is done first (during the first visit). Then the same action follows a week later on the remaining side (during the second visit). And it is still a surgical procedure. Therefore, you may end up experiencing some mild soreness, especially in the affected areas.

Expect some splint fabrication during the process—an act that can cause slight discoloration of the gums around the affected teeth. The splints are meant to stabilize and immobilize the teeth and wearing them as instructed is crucial since it speeds up the healing process.

Post-surgery care

As mentioned earlier, LANAP entails zero incisions. The treatment method utilizes a laser fiber, which equals the width of three human hair strands to specifically target the inflammation source while leaving the healthy gum tissues unhurt.

And so, with little pain to nurse, you’re guaranteed a quick healing process if you strictly follow the after-procedure care guidelines.

Follow up care after your LANAP surgery

Of course, your periodontist will guide you on the specific mouth care tips after surgery. But below are some general care tips you can use to accelerate your healing:

  • Avoid smoking. Smoking leaves behind harmful substances in the body, which may impair your normal body functioning, thus interfering with the healing process.
  • Stick to a soft but nutritious diet until you’re ready for your regular diet. This can include foods like cheese, eggs, applesauce, and yogurt. And, remember to take in adequate fluids. You can also eat softer foods such as mashed potatoes, bananas or avocado, beginning 7-10 days after the surgery.
  • Avoid chewing using the treated side of your mouth to prevent the sticking of food particles on the treated teeth and gums. As you know, food particles provide a conducive environment for thriving bacteria.
  • Avoid brushing or flossing the surgical area for 14 days after the second surgical visit. However, to ensure your mouth stays clean (which is crucial for your healing), you can rinse with salted water or a rinse prescribed by your periodontist.
  • Keep an over-the-counter pain reliever on hand to ease the discomfort.

The Takeaway

Today, the Food and Drug Administration recognizes LANAP protocol as the most effective form of treatment when it comes to periodontitis elimination. However, maintaining good oral hygiene through daily brushing and flossing remains the best way to ensure sound oral health and zero recurrences of gum diseases.

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