Dentures In Humble TX Can Improve Your Overall Health

Dentures in Humble TX are also referred to as false teeth or dental plates. They are basically an entire jaw line of removable teeth, which are used to replace the missing teeth on an upper or lower jaw. Aside from giving a patient his smile back by replacing his missing teeth, dentures also have a huge effect on the overall health of a person


Having missing teeth don’t just change the way you look by affecting your smile, it can also have a psychological impact on you. It may affect your self-esteem. Missing teeth can also cause your facial muscles to sink in and your lips and cheeks can lose their underlying support. As a result, the shape of your face can change and cause you to have a more aged look. All of these can be prevented through the use of dentures.

Chewing And Digestion

When you lose some of your teeth, you’re going to find it difficult to chew food effectively. In turn, that may have an effect on your digestive system. This is because healthy teeth contribute to a healthy digestive system because as we all know, digestion starts in the mouth when the food gets chewed and broken into smaller pieces. You may end up only partially chewing the food that you eat because of missing teeth and that may result in poor digestion. Dentures can help bring back your normal digestion by allowing you to regain your natural chewing ability.

Dentures Help Preserve Your Remaining Teeth

When you lose some of your teeth, your remaining teeth may end up drifting into the gap of your missing teeth. This may lead to serious bite problems and malocclusion. Your remaining natural teeth may end up tilting or getting misaligned if your missing teeth don’t get replaced for a long time. This may eventually lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain and disorders. By having partial dentures installed, you can prevent the adjacent teeth from moving by making contact with them.


Having missing teeth can cause speech impediments. When you get dentures, you may initially encounter problems while speaking but they will eventually be effective in improving your speech in the long run. It usually just takes a few days for a person wearing dentures for the first time to adjust to speaking with them on.

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