Gum Surgery

There are several mainstream periodontal procedures, which classify as oral surgery, that focus on the restoration of gum tissue. All of them are designed to improve the functionality and the long-term health of your teeth. You will find that these procedures will improve the esthetic quality of your smile as well.

Gum recession can lead to a variety of oral health issues. Some of these issues would include an unsightly ragged gum line, exposed tooth roots, and the eventual loss of teeth.

Some of the main surgical solutions include the following periodontal procedures:

  •  A soft tissue graft is an oral surgery procedure more commonly referred to as is used to cover exposed roots and help to support the growth of new gum tissue. Tissue is taken from either your palate or from a tissue bank to repair the damage to the gums and to help prevent additional gum recession and even bone loss. This procedure helps reduce tooth sensitivity and it will help to protect your teeth from decay.
  • Pocket reduction surgery is a method of periodontal treatment in which the gums are lifted back and hardened tartar is removed. Smoothing of damaged surfaces may be performed if that needs to be done. To complete the procedure, your periodontist will replace the gum tissue tightly around the tooth structure to help eliminate any pockets for harmful bacteria to collect and grow while your gum heals.
  • Bone grafting is another oral surgery procedure that involves the replacing of lost or damaged bone structure. Pieces of your own bone or donated bone can be used during this process. Another option is to use artificial bone which in turn is assimilated by your body into bone structure. These grafts help to encourage bone re-growth restoring structure, stability and functionality to your teeth.
  • Guided tissue regeneration is an option when your existing bone structure has been destroyed or diminished to a point that it will not cover your teeth’s more sensitive roots or has pulled away from your crowns. In this oral surgery procedure, Dr. Gregory will surgically fold back the gum tissue and remove any harmful bacteria while inserting membranes or proteins that stimulate the surrounding tissues. Doing this will encourage your body’s natural regenerative process to kick in to restore lost tissue.

Connective Tissue Graft

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