Should You Get Partial Dentures In Humble TX?

People with missing teeth can consider looking into partial dentures in Humble TX as a more affordable alternative. But, whether or not this is the best choice for them, is going to depend on the remaining teeth that they have in their mouth. There are two types of partial dentures namely fixed and removable partial dentures.

The remaining teeth that you have in your mouth are going to be used by your dentist to determine if you should get fixed or removable partial dentures. A fixed partial denture is secured in place by placing dental crowns over the existing teeth or under the gums through dental implants.

Removable partial dentures on the other hand are kept in place with clasps that fit around the existing teeth or crowns. They can be taken out of your mouth for cleaning. Partial dentures can be made using a variety of materials, namely fully acrylic, full metal, metal and acrylic, and thermoplastic nylon material. The type of partial denture that needs to be made is one factor that’s going to determine both the design and material that’s going to be used. Removable partial dentures can be made using any of the aforementioned materials. Among all of those materials, flexible thermoplastic provides patients with the highest level of comfort for removable partials.

By getting partial dentures fitted, you can make speaking and eating a whole lot easier for yourself. Plus, they will help maintain the shape of your face while preventing your remaining teeth from moving, which may lead to different problems such as headaches, earaches, and TMJ.

Even though fixed partial dentures look more natural, there are still some things that you need to take into consideration. First off, they’re going to be more expensive than removable partial dentures and they need to be supported and cemented onto healthy teeth that are situated near the site where they’re going to be placed. In addition to that, fixed dentures are harder to clean compared to removable partials because the latter can be taken out and cleaned much easier then be placed back into the mouth as needed.

Regardless of the type of partial dentures that you’re going to get, you can be assured that they will greatly improve not only the look of your smile but also your overall health. 

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