5 Reasons Why Our Patients Prefer Invisalign™ over Braces

Have you always secretly longed for straighter, move evenly spaced teeth? Some patients who need braces have always had straight teeth on their wish list, but they’ve held off on braces for years. This hesitation is often because they feel that the poor appeal of metal braces will be unsightly or even embarrassing.

Fortunately, there’s a better solution. In fact, it’s embraced by adults who want orthodontics over metal braces, hands down! It’s called Invisalign™. These are clear orthodontic trays that fit over your teeth and are hardly even noticeable.

You’ll wear these clear aligners for several months. The amount of time you must wear them depends upon the level of correction that you require. Every few weeks, you will be refitted for a new set of aligners to continually apply gentle but persistent pressure that will guide your teeth into the correct place.

5 Reasons Why Patients Prefer Invisalign™

More discreet in appearance

As I mentioned earlier, one of the top reasons patients give for avoiding orthodontic treatment is the clunky, unattractive, metallic appearance of braces. The more discreet appearance of clear aligners makes them a winner all the way around.

We’ve all heard the teasing of schoolyard bullies. Train tracks. Metal mouth. Brace face. That kind of cruelty sticks in our subconscious. We all fear people making fun of us, even as adults.

That teasing is one of the primary reasons that Invisalign™ isn’t only chosen by adults.  When offered the option, our adolescent patients also prefer clear trays instead of metal braces.

Increased Level of Comfort

There is no way to skirt the truth. Metal braces can be uncomfortable for many patients. The rise of the metal brackets rub against the insides of the lips and cheeks. This often causes scrapes and sores.

You have a couple of home remedies to make this more tolerable. You can pack wax around the bracket to cushion it from the tender oral tissue or use oral pain relief gels to numb the discomfort. These are solutions that only offer relief for a short window of time.

You just won’t experience those issues when you choose Invisalign™. They are fabricated from smooth, clear, lightweight plastic that’s quite comfortable to wear. They have zero wires and zero brackets to poke or scrape your mouth.

Indulge in your favorite foods

Having braces can seem like punishment enough to some people who wish they had been born with perfect teeth. Add food restrictions to the doctor’s orders, and you might end up feeling deprived or punished.

With traditional metal braces, you’re told to avoid sugary, sticky, and super-crunchy foods like popcorn, caramel, hard candy, or pretzels.

However, with clear aligners, you enjoy much more flexibility in your eating and snacking. You remove the aligners to eat and can still indulge in your favorite foods. After you finish eating, brush your teeth and put the trays back into your mouth.

As a mom, I understand that it’s hard to restrict those foods completely…both for your kids and yourself. It’s ok to indulge in sweets and treats on occasion.

As a dentist, however, I recommend eating those sugar-filled treats only as a rare treat. It will benefit not only your oral health, but it will also increase your overall wellness!

You can participate in your favorite sports

On occasion, we hear of patients who have avoided much-needed orthodontic treatment because they are active and play sports. They all know someone who got walloped with a soccer ball (or basketball, baseball, or hockey puck) to the face and ripped their lip open on the metal brackets or broke the wire of their braces and got poked hard in the lip.

It’s a legitimate concern. However, with Invisalign™ you can consider the problem solved.

Safely stow your clear aligners in their case during practice or game time and reinsert them after your game. With aligner trays, you can still participate in your favorite sports.

Maintain better oral hygiene

Unfortunately, we all too often see a familiar story unfold in the mouths of our patients after they have metal braces removed.

They have lovely, corrected teeth but they’ve accumulated stains, plaque, or even started to get gingivitis.

When patients are wearing braces, they express that it’s challenging to brush around the braces. They are even more challenged by flossing without getting the floss ensnared by the metal. Patients also say they are so uncomfortable from the constant rubbing of braces that their mouths feel so sensitive that they can’t stand to brush.

While I certainly don’t condone skipping flossing, I have heard the same story time and again. It’s a genuine problem for many patients.

Invisalign™ resolves this problem also, due to offering patients the ability to remove the aligners to ensure better oral hygiene.™

The Biggest Disadvantage of Invisalign™

There is one disadvantage of Invisalign™. Ironically, it’s the very same thing that is the most significant advantage—the ease of removing your alignment trays.

We sometimes notice patients not responding as quickly as they should. In almost every case, the patient sheepishly confesses to forgetting to reinsert their aligners after they eat, brush their teeth, play sports, etc.

Invisalign™ is an extremely effective way of straightening your teeth—when you use them as directed. Take care to wear them at all times, with only a few rare exceptions.

The Bottom Line:

Invisalign™ could be a fantastic option for you. If you’ve wanted to have straighter teeth but have avoided braces due to the fear of embarrassment, or you’ve heard that they are uncomfortable, consider this modern orthodontic option.

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